Jul 15, 2013

3x | flowers

These flowers were given to me by a special gentleman on a special occasion.  I took the photos while recovering from a mild concussion.  They hadn't been photographed yet, and I needed to test my concussion symptoms to see how my brain was doing.  I figured shooting would be automatic and wouldn't require much brain usage.  Not entirely the case, I discovered afterward.  It did worsen my headache, but it didn't make me dizzy like reading off of a piece of paper would.  Of course, I couldn't edit them on the computer at the time.  Now that the concussion is long gone (and teaching is over for the year), I finally have the time to catch up on some editing!  These flowers were so pretty that all I did for editing were two very simple things: a basic sharpen, and a subtle fade.  Didn't boher to straighten any shots, or check levels or curves or colour balances (or anything else important, for that matter).  I just like them as they are.  Aren't they pretty?

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