Jun 6, 2015

Dark Olive Green Head Scarf by EcoShag | accessories

EcoShag's head scarves had been catching my eye recently.  They looked comfy, cute, and customizable (in so far as being able to wrap them according to your own head size and shape).  Here's the listing for the one I ordered: Dark Olive Green Head Scarf.  I hummed and hawed for a weekend, or so, about which colour to pick: dark brown, black, or olive green.  In the end, my friend convinced me to choose the green.  I'm not brave enough yet to wear it regularly, and I'm for sure not comfortable in it yet to wear it to work.  I wore it to a band practice recently, and it came unwrapped twice in the middle of a song.  The 3rd time it unwrapped was when I had tried to wrap it too quickly before going out for the evening.  It ended up staying home, in the end, that evening.  So far, I prefer to wear it on Saturdays when I'm doing household chores (and sometimes errands).  It keeps those pesky stray hairs out of the way so that they don't tickle my face while I'm working.  It does gradually slide off my head, but apparently, other reviewers of the head scarves don't have this problem.  Maybe I just have a very slippery head.  *shrug*  Anyway, as requested, below is the review.  (I don't normally put many photos of myself on this blog, or any blog, for that matter.  Consider yourselves privileged.  Wait - I could have used the mannequin head!  Darn, it's too late now.  Hmph.)

Enjoy!  (Maybe I'll post a follow-up during the summer, when I plan to wear it more regularly.)