May 13, 2011

Twins: Lady T and Lady T

On Tuesday, I had the great pleasure of shooting twins, one of whom I've known since September. T and T are amazingly friendly, hilarious, and ready to try anything. The weather was supposed to be awful (including rain and lightning), but all we really had to deal with in the end was the odd sprinkle and some persistent wind. These girls were troopers who were enthusiastic about any suggestion or direction I gave them. Now, they may be identical, but I can tell them apart, and I think I only once called T by the other T's name during the shoot. If there was any doubt about whether I was using the correct name, I simply pointed and said, "You" and they rolled with it. There may have been a few times where I referred to one of them as "No, the other T" or "The other T," but they were so smooth that I probably didn't even catch how many times I mixed them up - they just instinctively knew who I was meaning to talk to. It must be a twin thing... A few interesting things happened during the shoot. Firstly, I asked them to pretend to gawk and fight over a passerby (if the two nearby came around the corner later on). Right away, two people came up behind me and the girls jumped right into character (that is, after I burst out laughing at how quickly they came after I mentioned the idea). Secondly, a group of teenagers tried to photobomb some of the park bench shots (weren't they supposed to be in class?). Thirdly, there was a faint but distinct skunk smell that seemed to be wherever we went. And, lastly, but most excitingly, we had some spectators who were game for joining in on the action. Two guys stopped to talk to us at the coffee shop while we were shooting. I asked them if they were twins - No. Brothers? No. Friends? Yes. They were all for jumping into a few shots to chat up the attractive twins. It was an unexpected twist to add two passersby to the shoot, but nevertheless, quite amusing. Anyways, here's the girls. Thanks, T and T for a wonderful shoot! You girls are awesome!