Oct 15, 2013

self-challenge 1

Someone close to me got on my case the other night about not having posted anything lately on this blog.  So, today I decided to create a challenge for myself to get motivated to try something new.
I wanted to shoot in monochrome (I shot jpegs to save a bit of hassle, so there are no original colour versions), which I had done for the first time a week or two ago.  We have a huge livingroom window that lets in a lot of light, so I assumed I'd look for things to shoot in the livingroom.  I found myself wandering into the kitchen when I was looking for letters to shoot.
I turned on active D-lighting to the highest setting at one point (a function I briefly read a sentence about this afternoon while quickly looking up monochrome settings), and messed around with my ISO more than usual.
The challenge was written before I picked up my camera, and I went through the list in order to get it all done.  My main two rules I made were to shoot only in monochrome and to use only natural light.
Here are the results of my self-created challenge.
If you are curious to know what I shot to make the word "love," I'll tell you.  But only after you guess at least one guess per letter.  The L is easy.  You can see the whole object for the O, but you might not know what the item is.  The V and the E are both parts of something, just like the L is.  I had to be more inventive with finding a V (you'd think that would be an easy one, but it was hard!).  I'll wait until there are a few guesses posted in the comments section of this post before telling you what the letters are made from.  You can post your guesses anonymously if you like - makes no difference to me! 

I have never shot letters before, but I've always thought it's kind of neat.  I guess I thought it would be hard to be creative with finding angles that would work.  It was much easier than I'd thought it would be.  I chose my word first, though, so that I wasn't trying to make a word with random letters after uploading the files.  I would consider shooting an entire alphabet in the near future...

Ps - Photoshop, you can't trick me.  And don't ever switch to dpc ever again.  Me-1, Photoshop-0.

Aug 16, 2013

Lady J | portraits


Aug 11, 2013

Morning fog | nature

Woke up to amazing fog at 6am.  Should have gone out right away instead of after 630, but it was still beautiful out.

Oh, wow.  Look how foggy it is.  Oh, wow.  It's six o'clock.  Too early to be awake.
But that fog is pretty cool.  But it's six in the morning.  I don't get up at six in the morning.
But that fog is so thick and heavy and dense.  But I'm still sleepy.  And I don't want to get up yet.
That fog doesn't happen a lot.  Remember that time it was over the bridge on the way to work last year?  Remember how it was gone soon after?
Hmph.  Fine.  I'll get up and go outside.  
*tip toe tip toe tip toe* 
Don't want to wake up the roommate.  Shh.  Get ready quickly and quietly.
Aaand, that would be the monopod hitting the wood floor.  Oops.  Come here, tripod.  Let's go outside in our jammies and take some pretty pictures.
Hey!  Where'd the rest of the fog go?!  Aw, crap.  Next time I'll have to decide faster whether I'll take pictures or stay sleeping.

Aug 6, 2013

Lady C | portraits


Jul 16, 2013

Lady C | portraits

This shoot was not planned.  It just sort of...happened.  There were feathers involved.  Just sayin'. 
(You can see a few more shots from the session here, on Facebook.)