May 22, 2012

Winter 2010

May 18, 2012

Family D

Lady P

May 4, 2012

Lady N

Elizabeth Adam

Sir H + Lady L

Lady A's Birthday

May 3, 2012

Love-Coloured Glasses

Lady N

Welcome to the new Abigail Elena Photography blog!  Due to some technical difficulties, the blog has been moved.  That pretty blue background just didn't want to go, and it's been up for a long time.  I also needed to do some weeding and file re-naming on the blog, which seemed very daunting.  This way, I can do it in steps and not miss anything important (unless I import the whole old blog into this new one, which, to be honest, may end up happening if I run into too many nuisances with creating a new blog).

Your patience while this blog gets up and running is greatly appreciated!


- Abigail Elena Photography