Jul 16, 2013

Lady C | portraits

This shoot was not planned.  It just sort of...happened.  There were feathers involved.  Just sayin'. 
(You can see a few more shots from the session here, on Facebook.)

Jul 15, 2013

3x | flowers

These flowers were given to me by a special gentleman on a special occasion.  I took the photos while recovering from a mild concussion.  They hadn't been photographed yet, and I needed to test my concussion symptoms to see how my brain was doing.  I figured shooting would be automatic and wouldn't require much brain usage.  Not entirely the case, I discovered afterward.  It did worsen my headache, but it didn't make me dizzy like reading off of a piece of paper would.  Of course, I couldn't edit them on the computer at the time.  Now that the concussion is long gone (and teaching is over for the year), I finally have the time to catch up on some editing!  These flowers were so pretty that all I did for editing were two very simple things: a basic sharpen, and a subtle fade.  Didn't boher to straighten any shots, or check levels or curves or colour balances (or anything else important, for that matter).  I just like them as they are.  Aren't they pretty?

Baby C | newborn

Baby C arrived in the beginning of May, to very happy, proud and excited parents.  (You can see photos from the maternity session here, on the blog.)  Her session happened to fall on Mother's Day, due to mom and dad's schedules, and my teaching position.  Mom and dad assured me that C would be sound asleep and we'd have a terrible time waking her for alert poses.  Hah!  C had a plan of her own.  She decided to eat, eat, eat, and cry, cry, cry.  That's okay, though, because she slept enough to get these beeeautiful shots of her and mom and dad!  I am so in love with the photos from her session.  She's so beautiful!  It was neat to be taking photos on mom's first Mother's Day - a special memory, all around.  I was able to get some props crocheted in time for C's newborn session (owl hat, owl, turtle shell and hat) and convince her to let us use them.  I had made some other props, too, but after showing them to mom and dad in the livingroom downstairs, we completely forgot to bring them upstairs to use.  We'll just have to use them on baby number two.  ;)  A few more photos from C's session can be seen here, on Facebook.  Enjoy!


G + C | maternity

G + C's maternity photographs are ones I can't keep my eyes off of.  She's just such a gorgeous momma-to-be!  (Well, she was.  This session is from March 2013.)  I've picked a few of my favourites to upload to the blog.  I am seriously in love with each of these photos!  I've had the pleasure of knowing G + C since before they even started dating.  They've got a great story about how they finally ended up together as a couple, and they both get all twinkly-eyed when they tell it to someone.  So excited and happy for them that they are finally at the baby-making stage!  (You can see some more photos from the session here, on Facebook.)  Enjoy!